The cost of housing is not included in the residency fee. There are two pensions that are approximately three minutes by foot from the studio. Both have kitchenettes so you may cook in your room if you would like. The costs vary depending on the time of year. If you are going to be staying more than two weeks, let the apartment owner know when you are negotiating the price. They will typically give you a better deal. The tourist season in Skopelos is as follows:

  • March - May/September - November - Low-Season
  • June - July 15th  - Mid-Season
  • July 15th - August - High Season - You MUST book early because by early July there is no housing available in Skopelos.

Recommended Pensions:

  • Tsoukalaria - Owned by the Chrissofos family. Basic housing, most balconies have a view and you will interact with the family. Here is an aerial view of the apartments.
  • Mayorca Apartments- The apartments are a little better, slightly more expensive than Tsoukalaria, some balconies have unobstructed views of the town and you typically do not interact with the owner. These apartments are good for people who enjoy being alone.
  • You are also welcome to book anywhere in Skopelos through sites like, Airbnb or SkopelosWeb. Keep in mind that the studio is about a twenty minute walk from town. Typically people enjoy being closer to the studio to pop home to eat lunch, take a siesta or sit on their balcony for some down time, but there are also benefits in being downtown.